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Product Details

25kg Bag

45 Units per Pallet - please order in multiples of 45 (minimum order quantity 45). We do not offer half pallets for this product.


Oliver’s Potatoes has access to Dirty Chippers from Red Tractor Approved farms across the UK. The majority of the farms we work with are based in the Cambridgeshire ‘Fenland’ which is well known for producing high quality Chipping Potatoes.


We select our potatoes based on fry colour and size ensuring all of our samples are bold to produce great chips which will be perfect for Fish and Chips Shops.


This season we are offering three different varieties in our Chip It bags ; Agria, Maris Piper and Markies alongside our Divva brand. However if there is a specific variety you're looking for please do let us know and we will find a sample to match your needs. 



Flesh Colour: Yellow 

Shape: Long Oval - Perfect for french fries

Fry Colour: 00



Flesh: Colour: White 

Shape: Long Oval 

Fry Colour: 00


Maris Piper 

Flesh Colour: Cream/ White 

Shape: Oval

Fry Colour: 01



Flesh Colour: Light Yellow

Shape: Oval

Fry Colour: 00

Dirty Chipping Potaotes

  • Oliver's Potatoes has haulage connections with many firms including independent haulage companies and nationwide pallet line services. The prices provided on our website are based on our haulage connections to the main wholesale hubs across the UK. 

    If your location isn’t within these areas we expect to be able to find alternative haulage arrangements, however these may be at additional cost. 


    We are happy to arrange collections by external hauliers from either of our two farm sites, both of which are based in Cambridgeshire.

  • Oliver’s Potatoes supplies the wholesale and food service industry. Therefore we do have a minimum order quantity of 1 pallet, which can be made up of two separate products, ie. half pallet of each, or 1 full pallet. 


    In some instances we can deliver half pallets. If you have any further questions or would like to talk to someone about placing an order, please feel free to contact us: 

    Tel: 01353 863 355



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